We, the Freight Forwarders duly accredited by the Philippine Shipper’s Bureau, in direct response to the governments call for professionalism and greater involvement in enhancing the vital rose of the industry in transport, trade and commerce, in cultivating solidarity and unity amid our ranks , and in institutionalizing an environment founded on equity, fairness and honesty towards our clients, do hereby adopt and promulgate this code of conduct and ethical standards for freight forwarders,


A freight forwarder shall conduct his business in line with what us for the best of the freight forwarding industry. Its promotion and growth hence shall always predominate and influence in action. He keeps in mind a general view of the industry’s needs and concerns so that his activity is properly guided along the right direction.


Freight forwarder shall always uphold his client’s interest over and above his personal gain. He shall at all times regard client’s satisfaction of paramount importance and that this can be achieved through efficient and quality service, reasonable rates and reliability in the timely shipment and safe handling of goods. Honesty to clients must be given premium to preserve the credibility of the freight forwarder, and the integrity of the industry as a whole.


In servicing a client, forwarder must be able to demonstrate that he is competent and expert in his line of work. He shall perform his duties with the highest degree of excellence and dedication. He carries himself will all politeness, decency and decorum when dealing with clients.

Freight Forwarded should also exhibit in resolution protecting his client’s interest. He shall be responsible and shall culpability in case where, through his employees’ misconduct or negligence, a client has been aggrieved or damaged.

To his colleagues in the industry, freight forwarders must be always equitable and should avoid causing unfair competition for his own benefit. He should not engage in the privacy of employees, principals and or agents of other freight forwarding companies nor sow intrigues that will give him undue advantage over the others or otherwise create dissension in the ranks. He shall not misrepresent nor give out false information that may prove detrimental to the interest of the other participants in the industry. In this association with them, his personal conduct must be beyond reproach.


A Freight Forwarder shall faithfully comply with all government laws, rules and regulations as well as requirements set forth by the Philippine Shipper’s Bureau without any reluctance and hesitation to eliminate spurious freight forwarders.